Models in the T-Range are available in 5 versions, for cooling duties between 5 and 136 kW. They are provided with environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Features of the GEA Denco T-Range

The GEA Denco close control units from the T-Range are compact and are available with various heat-rejection systems. Fully hermetic scroll compressors operate inside the units; they are also optionally available in twin version for energy-efficient VRF application. The air direction of the units can be either upflow or downflow. The models can be fitted with various supply air and return air configurations. An intelligent electronic system cotrols the units : it assures that precise tolerances are maintained for temperature and humidity, and it allows energy-saving operations. This close control system also allows the units to be networked together for master-slave operation, or as individual units. Data entry takes place via a matching soft-touch keypad, which is either mounted with the display on the close control unit, or is used as a remote control system. The heat exchangers are designed for maximum heat exchange area, minimum pressure drop, and quiet operation. The units in the T-Range are equipped with direct-drive fans, the fitting of EC fans is also possible as an option.

TW models : T-Range units in weatherproof version

The weatherproof models of the T-Range are installed in water and dustproof enclosures with outer panels having a high-quality synthetic coating on a metal substrate. This solution means that they effectively resist the worst of stroms and rain and can be easily on outside walls. The close control units of the TW models have cooling duties of 3 to 42 kW. The units are splashproof in accordance with IP54.

advantage using DencoHappel T-Range

  • The T-Range is ideal for application in server and computer rooms, telecommunications facilities control and switching centres, laboratories, printing and graphics areas, sales zones, chip production, and high-tech offices.
  • Compact full-function unit.
  • Fully modulating chilled-water operation.
  • Equipped as standard with high quality, directly driven fans.
  • Air directions upflow and downflow.
  • Air-cooled, water-cooled, and split-system versions.
  • Optimised for environmentally friendly refrigrants.
  • Equipped as standard with fully hermetuc scroll compressors (twin-compressor technology/VRF).
  • Large number of standard options.
  • User-friendly, networkable control systems.
  • Complete front access for easy service and operation.
  • Units also available in weatherproof versions, wuth all function ( Box size 5-42 ).
  • Large selection of matching expansion valves, VRF technology and EC fans.
  • Multi-Denco


    Multi-DENCO is a flexible and adaptable product. Up to 130 kW in seven casing sizes, there are three cooling versions and two airflow directions. It can work with room cooling or aisle containment and can be humidify, dehumidify and even heat your room. With such a large variety of options, features and designs, it can be the mould to your needs.


    Using R410A with inverter compressors in the indoor unit, it can deliver the best EER values.


    Chilled water cooling utilising either four row or six row coils for high performance along with a variety of valve and actuator combinations.


    To reduce sound or refrigerant within a room, the X-Version is similiar to the A-Version except the compressors are in the outdoor unit.

    advantage using Multi-Denco


  • Energy efficient
  • Enable closer, proportional control
  • Lower start-up currents
  • Fewer damaging ON/OFF routines
  • Oil self-regulation

  • For direct expansion versions, inverter compressors allow the unit to match your load. This enables closer, proportional control. The inverter looks at several variables and then adjust its speed to match the demand exactly.


    By using the largest EC plug fans possible for the space inside a Multi-Denco unit allows for slower speeds resulting, more efficient fan operation.


    The latest control technology is integrated into a Multi-Denco unit along with a 4.3" touch screen display. This combines with networking capabilities and system recording to give high quality feedback and control.


    All Multi-Denco units can be customised into a CombiCool configuration : three rows of the coil being for one circuit, the other three being for a separate circuit. This allows for 100% cooling redudancy within the unit with the controls system being easily able to switch between each circuit.

  • Inbuilt redudancy
  • Freecooling possibilities
  • Automatic change-over
  • Cooling diversity
  • Estabilished technology